We fund organisations and initiatives in Yorkshire and the Humber that bring communities together, support communities who feel marginalised and forgotten, or build bridges between communities. We fund organisations with an annual income that is at or below £100,000. We do not give grants to individuals. We give grants from £500 and usually up to £2,500.


For a limited period we will focus on funding organisations or groups that seek to help disadvantaged marginalised groups in their communities.

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CRESST, Sheffield
Youth Resolving Conflict project – August 2022

CRESST supports young people who are individually struggling to handle conflict constructively. To help them do this, a series of six craft workshops was organised for 13 boys in School Year 9.

Wharfedale Foundation awarded the project £2,500.

The young people created several neighbourhood maps using fabric, mounted on wood ready for public installation. The collaborative craftwork promoted speaking, listening and reflecting on conflict. CRESST’s conflict resolution skills were introduced into conversations as the map-making progressed. Participants reported better understanding of how conflict affects them and feeling calmer and more relaxed as a result.

Beats Bus Records, Hull
“No More County Lines” screenings – July 2022

Beats Bus Records shows educational videos to groups of young people and their families in Hull and Grimsby. The aim is to prevent knife crime and drug dealing (“county lines”).

Wharfedale Foundation awarded the project £500.

The charity delivered 6 community screenings in 4 months, showing two videos: “No More Knives” and “No More County Lines.” The grant paid for one screening. The audience always exceeded 20 people and attracted nearly 100 at one of the screenings. Great conversations resulted with some participants offering to show the videos in schools and other community settings.
Ignite Imaginations, Sheffield
Creative Care of Beeley Woods – January 2022

64 people of all ages took part in a range of art workshops connected to nature. They included developing colourful planters, learning skills in nature photography.

Wharfedale Foundation awarded the project £1,500.

Participants developed their creative talents, increasing their confidence. They collaborated well to foster a sense of community. The project successfully engaged under-represented groups including young people who had never had an opportunity to try photography. Working with a youth football squad was particularly innovative. The new planters at the entrance to Beeley Woods will serve as permanent community noticeboards.
Development Education Centre, South Yorkshire
Philosophy for Communities – December 2021

DECSY ran after-school clubs in philosophy for children alongside community sessions in philosophy for adults over an eight-month period in 2021.

Wharfedale Foundation awarded the project £2,100.

Children from four schools were represented at the after-school clubs with very positive feedback. They reflected on the effects of lockdown and the future of our society. Meanwhile adults met in four community groups to consider fundamental questions about life. The groups at first met online, later in person. People from across the community attended, some of whom do not normally enjoy much social interaction.
Hull Lighthouse
Living Room project – December 2021

The charity has created a weekly community safe space for women to build friendships, practise creativity and gain confidence. Many of the women have a history of substance misuse or sex working.

Wharfedale Foundation awarded the project £1,480.

Arts and crafts sessions are run by a local artist, two allotment spaces have been reserved for the women to grow produce, they have refurbished the Lighthouse building’s outside area with seating, planters and bird feeders. The women are often isolated so the Living Room is a much-needed chance to socialise and receive support.
St Augustine's Centre, Calderdale
English Language teaching - December 2021

This is all about teaching English to asylum seekers through online courses.  A team of 40 volunteers delivers either one-on-one or small group tuition in an informal setting, tailored to the students’ needs.

Wharfedale Foundation awarded the project £2,000.

By buying dongles, the project enabled 85 households to access online learning which they could not have otherwise afforded.  Some households were adults in shared accommodation, others were families.  Around 200 people attended online and some then progressed to English language college courses.  A paid co-ordinator has joined and a teacher to help volunteers improve their digital skills and teaching abilities.
The Delphi Trust, Sheffield
St Andrew’s Music Festival – November 2021

The Delphi Trust brings people together through the medium of live music. Working with the communities in Sheffield's inner city area, a classical music festival for the whole community was held in November 2021. It welcomed local musicians and included work by living composers.

Wharfedale Foundation awarded the project £500.

This annual event for an inner-city community brings the work of established and lesser-known living composers to a new audience. The fact that it took place in 2021 was particularly important for the musicians, many of whom had no work throughout the pandemic. This was the festival’s 7th year, which has featured 40 living composers in all.
Westwood, Sheffield
Sow and Show project – October 2021

Children and their parents/carers were invited to spend a day planting bulbs and herbs in a community garden in Sheffield, for all to enjoy.

Wharfedale Foundation awarded the project £500.

Although the first community garden chosen was vandalised, sadly, a second garden was quickly found. A small group of children and carers planted over 700 crocus bulbs within a day. A legacy of colourful crocuses for everyone to enjoy each spring has been achieved. Furthermore, Westwood gave each child involved in the project an autumn-themed craft pack.
St Luke's
St Luke's Church, Holbeck
Gardening & Environmental project – October 2021

St Luke’s applied for funding from various sources to employ two horticultural staff to start two gardening projects. Learning new skills helped to successfully engage disadvantaged young people and adults.

Wharfedale Foundation awarded the project £2,500.

Working with schemes like Leeds City Council’s Healthy Holidays project, Re-establish youth group and Shine project for girls, St Luke’s created enjoyable learning experiences for children and families. They learnt to grow and harvest produce, meadow flowers and herbs and were taught about local biodiversity and sustainable gardening. They even sold their homemade apple juice at Beeston Festival.