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 We are a grant-awarding trust funding projects in Yorkshire and the Humber. Our aims are the breaking down of barriers in society, the integration of marginalised groups within communities and a concern for the natural environment. We have an interest in interfaith dialogue, social cohesion, exclusion and environmental sustainability and a focus on grassroots and youth-oriented projects. Our guiding principles are a Christian-based concern for the wellbeing of God's creation and the flourishing of individuals and communities.  

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 As a charity we are completely dependent on donations from supporters plus income from our investments. Our supporters (or Friends) are a vital part of the work that we do. Becoming a Friend is an opportunity to get more involved in the foundation, meeting the projects we fund at our AGM, and doing something really worthwhile.  

Photograph: Doncaster Conversation Club

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We support initiatives that bring people together to gain understanding of other faiths and cultures and to work in partnership to improve the neighbourhoods in which they live. We aim to fund projects that address the divisions in our society by developing greater understanding of social justice and diversity.  

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Breaking Down Barriers

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Our Story

The Wharfedale Foundation has its origins in Scargill House at Kettlewell in Wharfedale, North Yorkshire. The house had been sold at auction to the Church of England and from 1959 the charitable company Scargill House Ltd. operated as a Christian residential community with a particular ministry to guests coming to Scargill for individual teaching and spiritual refreshment or on parish weekends. 

From the early 2000s the direction of Scargill House began to change to focus on issues of social justice, inclusivity and the environment. When financial difficulties forced the closure of the house in July 2008, it was again sold, the proceeds used to establish a grant making foundation, and Scargill House Ltd, whilst remaining the same charity and limited company, was renamed The Wharfedale Foundation.  

Scargill House was purchased by a newly formed registered charity, The Scargill Movement (supported by the community at Lee Abbey), who are committed to furthering the original vision, ministry and mission of the house as a Christian community. 

The two charities The Wharfedale Foundation and The Scargill Movement recognise their common ancestry and maintain contact and an appreciation of their complementary roles.  

In 2019 as The Wharfedale Foundation reaches its 10th anniversary, we are pleased to celebrate both that milestone and also the fact that, through the continuing activities of The Scargill Movement, the ministry of Scargill House has now been in operation for 60 years.

Photograph: Steven Craven CC BY-SA 2.0


Who We Are

Ann Hindley - Trustee


 Ann is a community development worker and researcher based in North Lincolnshire but works across Yorkshire and the Humber and the East  Midlands. She is a Quaker and is a member of the Doncaster Society of Friends and became involved in the Wharfedale Foundation because ​of its  commitment to social justice.​  

John Wilson - Trustee


 John is currently the Project manager at Community Matters (Yorkshire) having spent the last 13 years supporting organisations on behalf of both national charities and local authorities. ​  

Jane Thompson - Trustee


 Jane has extensive professional experience of working in the voluntary and community sector having worked as a trustee, volunteer, junior employee and senior manager in more than 10 charities. She has a great deal of knowledge about the funding and management of voluntary organisations ​.​ 

Karen Hobson - Trustee


 Karen has a background in community development, grant making and managing third sector organisations.  She’s a busy woman with two young children but does her best to find the time to give back. She is a committed Christian and is very involved in her local church in Hudddersfield. 

Kaye Wilson - Trustee


 Kaye is a funding advice worker at Voluntary Action Leeds supporting third sector organisations.  She has worked in the sector for over 25 years, mainly training and supporting voluntary, community and faith groups to access a range of funding sources. Kaye is also involved in the Y & H Funding Advice Worker Network and Yorkshire and Humber Funders’ Forum.  

Uell Kennedy - Trustee


Uell  worked in business finance  for many years (he is qualified as a Fund Manager) before giving up the corporate life to work for the  church.   As a Chuch of England.priest he had a diocesan wide role advising on fundraising, stewardship and governance until his retirement in 2018. Uell is member of the Institute of Fundraising. 

Mary Dawson - Trustee


 Mary has over 15 years’ experience working with a variety of children and young people’s charities in the areas of disability, health and education. With a background in third sector project management, her roles have included Director of Development and Chief Executive. She is currently taking a work break to study for an MA in English Literature and is looking forward to returning to work in the sector once this is complete.

Rachel Boggs - Administrator


Rachel worked for 20 years as an IT professional and project manager for a multi-national manufacturer. She is a member of South Parade Baptist Chiurch, Headingley and since 2007 she has supported churches and charitable ​organisations with their administation and IT.​   

Sue Mann


 Sue has worked in the voluntary sector in a variety of roles over the last 15 years. After retirement she is even busier volunteering in North Craven and looking after her two Springer Spaniels.