The Wharfedale Foundation is a grant-awarding charity funding community projects in Yorkshire and the Humber.  Founded in 2009 with the proceeds of the sale of Scargill House in Kettlewell, North Yorkshire, its primary aim is to help the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups in society.   

Please note we will not be accepting any pre-application forms after 10 October 2023 while we review our grant-making programme for 2024/25 – please watch out for further details to be announced by the end of the year.

How we’re helping

We are a grant-awarding trust funding projects in Yorkshire and the Humber. Our aims are the breaking down of barriers in society,  the integration of marginalised groups in communities and tackling disadvantage.  We have an interest in interfaith dialogue, social cohesion, exclusion and environmental sustainability and a focus on grassroots and youth-oriented projects.

Project funding

We support initiatives that bring people together to gain understanding of other faiths and cultures and to work in partnership to improve the neighbourhoods in which they live. We aim to fund projects that address the divisions in our society by developing greater understanding of social justice and diversity.  

Get involved

As a charity we are completely dependent on donations from supporters plus income from our investments. Our supporters are a vital part of the work that we do. Becoming a donor is an opportunity to get more involved in the Foundation, meeting the projects we fund at our AGM, and doing something really worthwhile.  


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We support organisations and projects that bring people together, that promote better understanding between people and groups who have different backgrounds, abilities and beliefs. They are creative in trying to bring about positive change in their communities.


We fund applications that try to include people who are experiencing hardship, alienation or poverty. These projects tackle social isolation enabling marginalised groups to fully participate in the life of their neighbourhoods.

We welcome organisations seeking funding to help disadvantaged groups who have been most affected by external circumstances. There are people of all ages and backgrounds across the region who are facing poverty and isolation.