Funded projects



Harrogate District of Sanctuary - £1,500 Funding towards the cost of taking the refugee families for a respite break to the Jonas Centre, Redmire, in Wensleydale. ​

Cemetery Road Baptist Church - £5,000 ​Towards cost of a project worker supporting Iranian Farsi speaking asylum seekers and refugees as they negotiate the asylum process and transition to citizenship, employment and social integration. 

611 Asylum Work (Huddersfield Elim Pentecostal Church) - 611 Champions project £4,000 to develop a peer leadership programme with an emphasis on personal growth rather than reliance on services.

AVSED - ​ £730 to fund a range of new activities for older people to develop lasting relationships at a grassroots level, foster support between community groups locally, and help facilitate positive, longer term change for members.

Bradford Friendship Choir . £2,500 to support a community choir for refugees, asylum seekers and their friends / local people thus fostering long-term relationships and creating inclusivity.. 

Craven DEC ​​- Schools programme £2.720 to fund organising schools events in Refugee Week 2018 to help broaden children’s understanding of the rights of refugees, and the reality of being a refugee in the UK. by  bringing refugees and asylum seekers into schools and supporting Craven schools to become a School of Sanctuary. 

Yorkshire Life Aquatic – Bramley Mermaids - £480 funding an additional 15-20 min slot as a ‘drop in’ session to address specific concerns and as a tool to break down barriers before joining a class. 

Heads Together Productions, Chapel FM - No Bystanders​ ​.​ - £4,600 to extend the current once- a week after-school radio broadcasting activities for young people to include festivals, galas and summer broadcasts; exploring themes of mental wellbeing, disability, gender identity and cultural identity.

Annapurna - MAMTA - £500 to pay for transport services for goup members to enable them the opportunity to attend.

St Francis, Bramley - Youth work £2,273 to fund activities and events for the younger members of the local community to directly address boredom, low esteem, fear, lack of social interaction, etc and provide real change to bring thewhole community closer together.

Hope Housing - One Step at a time - £1,400  to provide trips to various attractions within West Yorkshire for beneficiaries of their supported housing for the homeless. “We want to give support that is rerational andlrong-lasting in nature to people who are living in isolation, building strong connections and relationships one step at a time. 

Hambleton CA - Wheels 2 Work - £1,450  to fund the purchase of one new moped that will enable young people to access employment opportunities within their local area, thereby negating the need for them to move away from their local community to find work.

Highfield Food Coop - Windows of the World film project £1,400 towards a community refugee film project showing 7 world cinema presentations and  involving community members in the planning, delivery and implementation of the project.

Leeds Christian Community Trust - Unity in Poverty Action £1,400 funding for Neruka’s Soup Kitchen and Leeds South and East Foodbank serving vulnerable people with food aid provision. Both are  run by people who live alongside the people they serve and is effective in reaching migrant communities and the homeless.

Flourishing Families, Leeds - Together Cookery project £2,200   providing a family cookery club in partnership with a local primary schools for families from deprived backgrounds and training and encouraging the parents / carers to become volunteer mentors supporting those who were most vulnerable.  

Favour Foundation, Grimsby - Your Place £4,507  funding a Garden Volunteer ‘Buddy’ Scheme which operates every weekday morning  supporting less able volunteers, who have often complex needs ( mental health problems, learning difficulties, addictions, anxiety disorders, very low confidence & self-esteem etc), needing one-to-one support.

Next Door But One - Friendly Fireworks £2,125   researching how theatre performance can be made that is suitable and equally stimulating for autistic young people and their families and non-autistic young people and their families, with the relaxed elements being worked into the tapestry of the performance.



Chopsticks (North Yorkshire) – ChopPlayers - £975 Working with a local amateur dramatic society, a singer/songwriter and a speech therapist to help mentally disabled adults develop new skills.  

English 4 All, Leeds - £1,000 To extend the provision of free English lessons and activities in Leeds City Centre, primarily aimed at adults from an international background who are looking to increase the quality of their spoken and written English.   

Leyburn Arts and Community Centre – Community Films- £450 provision of films for marginalised or isolated groups, for example, those with dementia, autism, Mums & Tots...   ​​

Bradford PHAB Club – Celebrate 

Diversity, Celebrate Community - £3,395  A twelve month programme of art and craft workshops focussing on learning about diversity and why inclusion and valuing each others' cultures is an important aspect of living in a diverse and multicultural society today. 

Beacon Bradford – Hosting Project - £4,700  Provides hosting placements for refused asylum seekers in the spare rooms of local households with the aim of reducing homelessness amongst those facing destitution, supporting engagement with the asylum process, and promoting hospitality within the local community.   

Manuel Bravo Project - £3,500​ ​ Using trained befrienders working alongside lawyers to provide non-legal support to male asylum seekers with mental health problems throughout and after their  case thus improving the chances of a successful outcome of an asylum claim  or appeal.

In2Change - ‘Knife Point’ and ‘Same Difference’ projects - £2,785 ​​ delivering worksho​ps to vulnerable young people who are at risk of racially aggravated hate crime and/or knife crime.   ​  ​

Sharakat Project, St Paul's, Manningham - £2,500 Funding to support the Monday Lunch, English and Computers ​​and Scones & Samosas with Holy Book clubs at The Sharakat Project, a community ​project that aims to serve and build capacity in ​the local community in a way that fosters well being, includes the marginalised and encourages cross cultural and cross faith neighbourly relationships.​ 

The Milton Rooms, Malton - New Steps New Sounds workshops - £3,000  An outreach project with Manasamitra, an Asian Arts organisation, to bring the experience of Indian music and dance to rural Ryedale. This project enabled adults and y​oung people to have positive encounters with people whose background lies in another culture, through creativity and collaboration.     

Doncaster Conversation Club - Outings programme - £3,000 ​ providing monthly events and outings for refugees with volunteers who join in with the activity and talk to the clients giving them the opportunity to interact with greater meaning with sympathetic local residents. 



Anchor Project, St Clement’s, Bradford - BD3 Care  Supporting the integration of asylum seekers and refugees into the area by developing weekly support sessions  at which workers are available to listen, support, build trust, and take time to understand the situation of individuals and families, where possible helping them on-the-spot (e.g. form filling, making phone calls, signposting to specialised support)hip, trust and practical support to encourage and help people transition to a more fulfilling life in Bradford. 

Asian Virsa - Creative Connections workshops A series of workshops to provide an introduction to south Asian drama, dance, singing, music,the visual arts and cultural traditions. and encouraging participants to work together using these mediums as a means of their own creative expression and also to explore ways that they can act as ambassadors in their neighbourhoods, promoting tolerance and integration through their own networks.  

Crosby Community Association - Rural Isolation project   A social welfare project promoting the inclusion of older people experiencing the most social and economic hardship helping them to continue to live independently in their own homes through helping them apply for attendance allowance and pension alongside reducing social isolation and encouraging interaction through befriending.  

Exodus Project - Arts workshops A community art project using a local artist to work with young people in designing and improving areas at Exodus’s Jenny’s Field site. The intention is to involve disaffected young people in improving the environment for all the groups who go there. 

Leeds Children’s Charity - Activity weeks  e or  32 young people from  very different backgrounds as part of which new approaches and techniques were trialled linked to difference, identity and equalities.  

MAE Care (Moor Allerton Elderly Care) - WiFi courses  Helping to reduce social isolation in older people by encouraging them to use tablet computers to become digitally included. 

Open Kitchen Social Club - Open Kitchen Outreach engaging refugees, asylum seekers, the homeless, destitute and vulnerably-housed people providing a healthy, hot meal, suitable for people of all cultural backgrounds. Where possible, volunteers  recruit people within the outreach setting to take part in staging the event, for example helping with food preparation and cleaning.  

St George’s, Crosby – Community Development Worker for Crosby One project  Supporting the re-ordering of the church to create a space that can be used by the wider community including a Polish Academy, line dancing, zumba classes, a Chinese church, adult education provision of ESOL, Women's Institute, a sewing group and a range of other groups and users.  

The Vine, St John’s, Bowling – Children’s after-school club  at Lower Fields Primary School. Offering children an inclusive environment where they can safely explore challenging issues such as faith, lifestyle, bullying, racism, school, family life, self-awareness and self-esteem breaking down religious, ethnic and cultural barriers in the community.  

Touchstone – Light in Communities project  Providing a safe space to talk about peoples’ fears of and barriers to engagement with people from different cultures and communities. By facilitating discussion it seeks to address the ‘difficult issues’ and to encourage honest and open dialogue and give groups practical examples as to how they can engage with different cultures and communities.  

Who Is Your Neighbour – Real Stories inter-community dialogue  A project helping people to tell their stories about living with changes in the culture and identity of their neighbourhood and of their attitudes to people who are different with the aim that they will recognise the complexity of real life and so provide an alternative to the simplistic stories that blame particular groups of people for the problems of a neighbourhood or the whole country.